Thanks so much for inquiring about our school 🙂

My name is Tom Dinklage, and I’m the founder of our school. Our classes range from $100 - $149 / month depending on how much you’d like to attend. That includes between 2 - 8 classes per week which are packed with fitness, self-defense, community, and tons of fun, too 🙂

Private lessons are also available and current rates range from $50-$75 per session depending on the amount of sessions purchases, and the coach you are working with. Private lessons are customized to your desired benefits and schedule. Many of our members do a combination of group and private lessons for maximized results.

Whether you decide to go with group or private lessons, they are both great choices.

It truly is a life-changing experience that makes people more confident, fit, focused, and ready to take on life. You will be in good hands working with us since we offer the most experienced and accomplished coaching staff in the area.

Because we want to make sure you 100% love it, we offer a totally risk-free trial which comes with a Money Back Guarantee to “test” us out. That trial gives you 3 classes for just $19.99, and we give you a free t-shirt that you need for the class too. You’re treated like a part of our family from day 1. And that way you have  a few classes to try out to make sure it’s right for you.

Don't forget to get signed up for the trial program before you go by clicking on the link below. See you soon!


Teen & Adult Membership Options

Gold Plus
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Best Value
  • No Monthly Payment
  • 12 Months Paid in Advance
  • 1 Payment of $1200
  • 2 Classes per Week in 1 Program
  • Graduate to More Advanced Classes
  • Choose Between Kickboxing 101, BJJ 101

Money Back Guarantee


Test Drive our school for 3 classes for only $19.99 and you get a FREE Precision MMA Team T-Shirt.  If you think our program isn’t up to par, we will give you your money back. Fair enough?

Get MMA / Kickboxing Trial3 Classes for Only $19.99 with Free T-Shirt ($20 Value)
Get Brazilian JiuJitsu Trial3 Classes for Only $19.99 with Free T-Shirt ($20 Value)

If you decide to become a member after your trial lessons, here are the items you will need to participate in your classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Uniform
  • Adult Classic Kimono
  • Pearl Weave Jacket
  • Includes White Belt
  • Retails for $95
  • Member Price Only $69.99
Required for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class

Classic White Gi

Muay Thai Gloves
  • Adult Muay Thai Gloves
  • Available in 12oz and 16oz
Required for Kickboxing Class