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Ricky and Felicia Menard

"Great family environment . The coaches are very knowledgeable and helpful. Completely changed my family for the better . My kids are more confident and out going. I don't have to worry about them being bullied , the training has given them the tools to help them be successful in other areas of life also . I could write a whole book on the positive impact it has had on me as well . If your in Houston this is the place to train!!!!!!!"

Ricky and Felicia Menard, Proud Parents
Zackary Maines

"My son has been training here for a month now and he has picked up so much. And his confidence is through the roof now.

Coach Tom is proving to be a wonderful instructor along with coach Alex and coach Eddie. Very respectful atmosphere and all the students seem to enjoy learning all the different techniques"

Zackary Maines, Proud Parent

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