Chokes for MMA Training

Precision MMA Youtube Channel – Chokes against the fence for MMA Training

Chokes For MMA Training


MMA training can be a little bit different than traditional grappling. Specifically the addition of striking as well as having to deal with a barrier such as a cage or ring can make traditional set ups more challenging. In this video Coach Tom demonstrates two modifications to the traditional guillotine choke which can be used in MMA Training.

Chokes For MMA Training – The McKenzitine with the cage

MMA / UFC fighter Cody Mckenzie made a valuable contribution to this submission hold with his unique method of squeezing it. It involves a deeper placement of the elbow under the neck and a different manor of gripping your hands when squeezing. Please note that there is a bit of controversy on which method of gripping your own hands is best. We recommend experimenting on which one is most comfortable to the individual practitioner.

Chokes for MMA Training – The Ninja Choke

Another problem that presents itself constantly in MMA Training is having your opponent control you against a barrier. If he is successful is driving his shoulder close to your chest it can make the first choke we explored a bit difficult to get. The ninja choke allows you to switch sides and attack the neck with a super strong squeezing grip. Also the option of reversing the position and pressing the opponent against the fence is available and will lend even more pressure to the squeeze of the neck.

Enjoy these guillotine chokes and please feel free to post feedback if you found them helpful in your mma training.